Hey Potatoes! I'm writing a Creepypasta! Here is a sneak peek at it! I want you to tell me what you think, and maybe I'll release more in the Future. Thanks! PEACE!

I love Super Mario Bros., so when I saw Super Mario Bros. Deluxe come out, I immediately bought it. It was brand new, and was amazing. I played it for weeks. After a while, I discovered that I had beaten everything in it, and was bored. I looked up if any mods or hacks were online, and found one called "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe: Horror Edition". Curious, I downloaded it into the cartridge. I booted up the game and was greeted by the image of Mario laying down, a gaping hole in his skull, bleeding out. Odd, but I had seen plenty of pictures like it on the internet: Trying to be ironic about Mario breaking blocks with his head. Continuing, the screen the read Super Mario Bros. Deluxe: Horror Edition instead of the usual text. Blood was dripping from some of the letters, too. "This looks promising so far," I thought to myself.