"The Adventurers: Hoshcof" is a video game under development by Hoshcof's company, Bucket-Man Studios. Not much has been released to the public about the game except for a couple of pictures and that there will be 99 optional "Easter Eggs" that the player can find. Not much is known about the "Easter Eggs", except that if the player find all 99 "Easter Eggs", they receive a very special item. Hoshcof is still working on the game, but has been very vague about the story. Hoshcof has said that he is hiring people if they want to help work on the game. Hoshcof says that Bucket-Man Studios plans on releasing "The Adventurers: Hoshcof" sometime in 2016, though it may take longer. The game is in Alpha, but they have stated that the beginning is mostly finished and ready for Beta Testing. If you want to Beta Test the game, contact Dylastic on Skype. His Skype is dylastic18. He'll direct you to Hoshcof.


This is the story of a boy, and his journey across the land. At the age of 15, he leaves home with only 100 Coins in his pocket and a lantern in his backpack to explore the world and to make it a better place. He will meet many allies, and many foes along the way, he will stare Death in the face as he vanquishes Evil. This boys name is Hoshcof, and this is his story.


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